Langley Esquire K.K. and Transnational Strategy Group Forge Business Alliance to provide Japan-U.S. Policy Advisory Service

Langley Esquire K.K. and Transnational Strategy Group Forge Business Alliance to provide Japan-U.S. Policy Advisory Service

New service will assist firms in Japan and the U.S. to enter each other’s markets and understand and shape policy environments.

TOKYO AND WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 20, 2020) – Tokyo-based public affairs firm Langley Esquire has forged a business alliance with Transnational Strategy Group (TSG), launching a new government affairs and public policy service for facilitating entry into the U.S. and Japanese markets and shaping regulatory environments. Combining global best-practices for advocacy and government relations with strategic consulting for market entry, the two firms aim to provide higher quality service and market access to international companies seeking full support in growing their operations in overseas markets and avoiding the pitfalls of an unfamiliar regulatory environment.

“We believe there are many Japanese and American firms who wish to actively explore and pursue opportunities in the world’s #1 and #3 economies but have not previously been able to do so quickly and effectively.” said TSG President Dana Marshall. “This service unites seasoned business expansion and government relations professionals in both nations, providing focused services to deliver results.”

“This partnership allows us to access and facilitate entry into key markets and centers of influence, including Washington D.C., Tokyo, Beijing, and other major cities around the world,” said Langley Esquire CEO Timothy Langley. “With the TPP-11 entering into force and a phase one U.S.-Japan trade deal concluded, more opportunities exist than ever before for companies across all sectors to enter foreign markets in Asia and beyond.” 

Together the two firms aim to deliver market-leading services to clients that seek to effectively engage in and understand U.S.-Japan and multilateral dialogues, and navigate commercial, political and foreign policy issues for superior business outcomes. Langley Esquire and TSG will begin their collaboration with a series of webinars to provide insight into the U.S.-Japan bilateral relationship and the impact of the recent appointments of the Suga Administration, as well as the upcoming U.S. elections.


Langley Esquire is the premier public affairs firm in Japan, established by President & Representative Director Timothy Langley in 2013. It is a pioneer in the field of government relations in Japan, and resolves multifaceted issues for businesses, organizations and foreign embassies. All staff are bilingual, allowing the firm to act as a bridge between Japanese actors and their overseas counterparts. Timothy was the first non-Japanese to work in the Japanese Diet, serving as a political secretary to former Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama. After receiving a Master of Law degree at Tohoku University, he again attended law school at and graduated from Georgetown University. He has worked for Murata Seisakusho, Apple Japan, and General Motors Japan as General Counsel & Director of Public Policy. He also served as Chief-of-Staff during U.S. President George H.W. Bush’s visit to Japan in 1995.

Transnational Strategy Group (TSG) is a global business and government affairs consultancy. With offices in Washington, Tokyo, Beijing, and other major business centers worldwide, they offer clients focused and coordinated market entry, government relations, political risk and other services delivered by former senior industry and government executives. TSG’s founder and president, Dana M. Marshall, has over three decades of experience in international business, energy, commercial, financial, foreign policy and national security issue areas, and has held positions in both the public and private sectors. Dr. Thomas Cynkin, Practice Lead, Japan and Northeast Asia, is based in Washington, D.C. He served as a State Department Foreign Service Officer for over 20 years, including as a diplomat in Japan and Asian affairs advisor to top State Department officials. He and other TSG Washington-based industry sector experts and government affairs professionals form unified client service teams providing seamless, efficient service.

About Langley Esquire K.K.

Company Name: Langley Esquire K.K.

Address: #604 6-20 Rokubancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Established: January 23, 2013

Representative: Timothy Patrick Langley

Business Activities: Public Affairs & Management Consulting

URL: https://langleyesquire.com

About Transnational Strategy Group (TSG):

Company Name: Transnational Strategy Group LLC

Address: 4401-A Connecticut Ave., N.W. Suite #348, Washington, DC 20008 USA

Established: August 6, 2012

President: Dana M. Marshall

Business Activities: Global Business and Political Consulting

URL: https://transnationalstrategy.com/               

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