Langley Esquire K.K. and Vector, Inc. Forge Business Alliance

パブリックアフェアーズ Langley Esquire and Vector Forge

Langley Esquire K.K. and Vector Inc. Forge Business Alliance

Leveraging strengths together in an expanding public affairs market

Langley Esquire K.K. and comprehensive PR firm Vector, Inc. entered into a business alliance that leverages the strengths of both companies in the field of public affairs.

Langley Esquire is a public affairs firm established by President & Representative Director Timothy Langley in 2013. The firm is a pioneer in public affairs and provides services mainly for foreign capital companies and embassies in Japan. Timothy served as a secretary for former Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama, being the first foreigner to work inside the Japanese Diet. After receiving a Master of Law degree at Tohoku University, he again went to law school at Georgetown University, and thereafter worked for Murata Seisakusho, Apple Japan, and General Motors Japan as General Counsel & Director of Public Policy. He facilitated the visit of the 41st President of the United States of America, George Bush, to Japan.

Vector is the largest comprehensive PR company in Japan. The company provides various communication services with their tagline, “spreading the message of quality products throughout society.” As a one-stop-shop solution, Vector is continuously incorporating the latest marketing methods via SNS measures, video strategies, ad technologies, and web media management. The company has been developing public affairs businesses since 2012, servicing customers mainly from companies in Japan. Langley Esquire and Vector will flourish by leveraging the strength of both companies in the public affairs market against high demands. Langley Esquire’s experience consulting multinational companies and exclusive networks with access to Diet members and various Ministries, and Vector’s strategic PR and capabilities to convey messages to government stakeholders will be strengthened through this business alliance. In short, Langley Esquire and Vector will hereafter collaborate as a team in servicing PR/PA orders and in resource sharing.

About Public Affairs

The aim of public affairs is to solve social issues with private companies and organizations, parliamentarians, central governments, ministries, local governments, and mass media. Public affairs is not yet common in Japan (as it is in the US and Europe) however, the demand is steadily growing.

About Langley Esquire K.K.

Company Name: Langley Esquire K.K.

Address: #604 6-20 Rokubancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

Established: January 23, 2013

Representative: Timothy Patrick Langley

Business Outline: Business consultation regarding risk management and public affairs

URL: https://langleyesquire.com

About Vector Inc.

Company Name: Vector, Inc.

Address: Akasaka Garden City 18F, 4-15-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Established: March of 1993

Representative: Keiji Nishie

Capital Fund: 2,580 million yen (as of February, 2019), First Section of the Tokyo

Stock Exchange (security code 6058)

Business Outline: Strategic PR business in marketing

URL: https://vectorinc.co.jp/en/