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Tokyo-based Langley Esquire is the premier public affairs consultancy dedicated to resolving issues in Japan’s unique regulatory environment. We overcome challenges at the nexus of government, industry, and society–beyond what was thought possible.

With over 30 years of experience in public affairs, our team of dedicated bilingual professionals are fully equipped to advise international executives and multinational corporations on government relations, public policy and strategic communications in Japan.

Let us help you effectively engage stakeholders in government, media, and civil society to minimize risk and accomplish your objectives.

What is Public Affairs?

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“Public affairs” describes the activities pursued by an organization to integrate stakeholders across government, business, media, and society.

Public affairs professionals seek to communicate an organization’s position and rationale to amend the application of regulation that can impact its ability to operate successfully. Through a combination of government relations, issue management,  and strategic communications, practitioners foster dialogue on public policy and facilitate the development of modern legislation.


Government Affairs

Government Affairs

With over 30 years of experience practicing public affairs in Japan, we provide unparalleled insight into Japanese politics, access to exclusive networks in the Japanese government, and bespoke strategies that generate results.

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Corporate Advisory

Our wide-ranging Corporate Advisory services are designed to cover the needs of organizations of all sizes.  More importantly, we also provide full ongoing support and guidance whenever a challenging issue arises.

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PR & Communications

An essential component of public affairs is seamlessly bridging the gap between media, academia, government and society at large. Through carefully crafted initiatives, we help our clients achieve maximum exposure, creating positive coverage to build credibility and influence.

"Getting the impossible done in Japan"

The Japan Times

Japan is a tough place to do business.

Learn how we can help you overcome obstacles preventing your success in Japan.