Government Affairs

With over 30 years of experience practicing public affairs in Japan, we provide unparalleled insight into Japanese politics, access to exclusive networks in the Japanese government, and bespoke strategies that generate results for companies both large and small. Our flexible, comprehensive approach perfectly positions us to advise companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 500, to strategize and overcome regulatory hurdles.

PR & Communications

An essential component of public affairs is seamlessly bridging the gap between media, academia, government and society at large. Through carefully crafted events and initiatives, we help our clients achieve maximum exposure, creating positive coverage to build credibility and attract favorable attention from the political world.

Diplomatic Relations

It is not uncommon for Embassies and Chambers of Commerce to encounter issues in Japan. In response, we have been appointed as a trusted third-party facilitator and provider of the latest developments in Japanese politics. We have extensive experience in supporting ambassador transitions and diplomatic rotations, state visits, large events, and more. We have been engaged to assist in the purchasing of Embassy land and establishing Chambers of Commerce. We can help you develop trade relations and smooth over other thorny issues you may encounter.

Corporate Advisory

Our wide-ranging Corporate Advisory services are designed to cover the needs of organizations of all sizes. We have expedited the launch of countless companies through, for example, locating office space, hiring local employees and obtaining essential services to get new businesses up and running quickly and smoothly. More importantly, we also provide full ongoing support and guidance whenever a challenging issue arises.

Crisis Management

The best solution to any problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. We analyze your current state of affairs, identify areas of vulnerability and forestall problems developing at all. Regrettably, some issues are unavoidable. We are well-equipped to handle such situations quickly and quietly to avoid unwanted attention that can damage reputation or brand image.

Individual Support

Clients come to us for one basic reason: we solve difficult problems. Langley Esquire is unique in providing dual-language and dual-jurisdiction services supported by the highest levels of expertise and the broadest areas of coverage. Our firsthand experience is the key to getting the results you need, quickly and without acrimony or unnecessary collateral damage. We specialize in handling sensitive issues with care and discretion to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve.