This is the first step in establishing a new corporate entity. We assist in determining the appropriate structure and advise on standard procedures to correctly set up a Japanese corporation.

Where necessary, we create articles of incorporation (in both English and Japanese), draft contracts, draw up work/company rules, and facilitate the first annual shareholder meeting as required by Japanese law. We can also act as secretariat to guide and train you and your staff on how to administer these critical procedures. Additionally, we can register necessary official documentation (Tohon, Physical Inkan/Jitsuin/Kaishain, etc.) and open your corporate bank account.

Crisis Management

The best solution to any problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. We analyze your current state of affairs, identify areas of vulnerability and forestall problems developing at all. Regrettably, some issues are unavoidable. We are well-equipped to handle such situations quickly and quietly to avoid unwanted attention that can damage reputation or brand image.

Representative Director

Every corporation with a Japanese presence requires a Representative Director. This individual serves as the company’s highest authority and the functional Director of the Board, as all legal liabilities ultimately reside in him or her. When first establishing a presence in Japan or when seeking a replacement for an unexpected departure, it is absolutely essential to find the right person for this role. We have helped numerous companies fill this position, on both pro tem and permanent bases, to ensure smooth establishment or transition, reassure shareholders and give head office executives a direct, trustworthy information channel from their Japan operations.

HR Management

Contracts, labor relations, and work rules all fall under the remit of HR. We are on call to advise on HR strategy whenever necessary, particularly in the unfortunate circumstance of having to cut headcount. Our wide range of corporate advisory services, tailored to the needs of companies of all sizes, help you avoid situations that can negatively impact your organization’s reputation and/or internal personnel dynamics.

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