Media Relations

Our team offers a powerful network covering all the top-tier Japanese media channels. From features in leading newspapers, on TV, and in online publications through to paid advertising, we help you leverage your budget to achieve maximum exposure.

Crisis Communication

On-call at a moment’s notice, our team is quickly responsive and adaptive to crises as they arise. By crafting the appropriate messaging and supporting your outward communications, we help you quickly recover from momentary setbacks and mitigate lasting disruptions. From labor and employment issues, corporate restructuring, and scandal, we can help you achieve the best possible outcomes in emergency situations.

Event Planning & Coordination

We facilitate events such as seminars, symposiums, and panel discussions to help you spread your message entirely on your own terms. We assist in finding appropriate venues, arranging press coverage, and arranging the participation of influencers in key spheres.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing in the community around you is crucial to a successful CSR/CSV campaign. We help you identify opportunities to make a positive impact, and lead initiatives in creating shared value to increase your company’s influence.