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What Remains After Abe?

Abe is unquestionably the most consequential Japanese politician of his generation. Under the slogan of “Take Back Japan,” he sought to transform the country into a self-confident and respected international actor.

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Timothy Langley Featured in the Japan Times

Langley Esquire Founder and CEO Timothy Langley was cited in the Japan Times on some of the factors that have influenced the Japanese government’s approach to handling COVID-19.

Langley Esquire Suga Budget

Follow the Money: Understanding Suga’s Priorities in Japan’s Next Record Budget

Japan’s Ministry of Finance will soon release the budget for the fiscal year that begins next April. The spending package has taken on added significance with the new coronavirus pandemic weighing on the economy. The budget will also offer a look at how seriously the Suga administration is pursuing its stated priorities, such as advancing digitization and advanced communications.

George H. W. Bush

My Memory of George H. W. Bush

I was fortunate to spend an entire week in close-quarters with America’s 41st president during his first visit to Japan after leaving office.

The Digital Agency— Why Japan’s most Recent Modernization Push Is Serious

Suga to have a digital agency up and running by the end of 2021. Each ministry previously tackled digitization independently, leading to varying levels of success and end products, and no standardized administrative framework. The new agency will coordinate and unify efforts to modernize government services.