Policymaking in Japan

Behind The Curtain Of Policymaking In Japan

Langley Esquire Vice President Yutaka Matsuzaki reflects on more than 20 years’ experience as a policy secretary in the Diet, with lawmakers that include former Minister of Justice Yasuoka Okiharu and former Representative Koike Yuriko, currently the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor.

Reduce Headcount in Corporate Japan

Reducing Headcount in Corporate Japan

Langley Esquire President & CEO Timothy Langley was featured in the July 2019 issue of the ACCJ Journal on a publication focused on reducing headcount in Corporate Japan. Foreign companies frequently run afoul of best-practices in Japan, resulting in damage to brand reputation and in the worst case, labor disputes.

Telework in Japan

Telework in Japan

Langley Esquire President & CEO Timothy Langley was quoted in the March 2020 issue of the ACCJ Journal on the transformation of business practices in Japan. The shift to teleworking (remote work) has accelerated as a result of the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, but corporate culture and management styles are slow to adapt.

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Policy Radar January 2019

This year, the 201st Diet Session will convene on January 20th, and is scheduled to finish on June 17th. This month’s edition of Policy Radar focuses on incentives for the development of technology, policy developments in the Finance Ministry, and regulatory changes for integrated resorts.

government policy Japan

Policy Radar December 2019

This year’s Diet session has seen the ratification of the new U.S. trade agreement, amendments to the National Strategic Zone Law, sustainable whaling, and labor laws.

government policy Japan

Policy Radar October 2019

This month’s edition focuses on the lineup of the new Cabinet, policy developments in the data and energy industries, and Japan’s effort to combat climate change.

How to not end up like Carlos Ghosn

How to Not End Up Like Carlos Ghosn

Nissan is witnessing a fallout following the aftermath of the Ghosn scandal and is still scrambling to recover. Annual operating sales are at a decade-long low and consumers continue to lose confidence in the automaker as further issues unravel.

Labor Law Update 4.1

Labor Law Reform

As of April 1st, Japanese labor laws have changed.In 2018, Japan passed “The Work Style Reform Bill”. In 2018, Japan passed “The Work Style Reform Bill”. This Bill (now Law) amends eight laws (including the Labor Standards Act (LSA)) and the Industrial Safety and Health Act (ISHA).