What Remains After Abe

What Remains After Abe?

Abe is unquestionably the most consequential Japanese politician of his generation. Under the slogan of “Take Back Japan,” he sought to transform the country into a self-confident and respected international actor.

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Introducing “Ask Langley” Ep. 0

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new biweekly video series, “Ask Langley.” With this new initiative, we will answer your questions about business and politics in Japan in quick, bite-sized episodes.

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Timothy Langley Featured in the Japan Times

Langley Esquire Founder and CEO Timothy Langley was cited in the Japan Times on some of the factors that have influenced the Japanese government’s approach to handling COVID-19.

George H. W. Bush

My Memory of George H. W. Bush

I was fortunate to spend an entire week in close-quarters with America’s 41st president during his first visit to Japan after leaving office.

Policymaking in Japan

Behind The Curtain Of Policymaking In Japan

Langley Esquire Vice President Yutaka Matsuzaki reflects on more than 20 years’ experience as a policy secretary in the Diet, with lawmakers that include former Minister of Justice Yasuoka Okiharu and former Representative Koike Yuriko, currently the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor.