Timothy Langley

Reduce Headcount in Corporate Japan

Reducing Headcount in Corporate Japan

Langley Esquire President & CEO Timothy Langley was featured in the July 2019 issue of the ACCJ Journal on a publication focused on reducing headcount in Corporate Japan. Foreign companies frequently run afoul of best-practices in Japan, resulting in damage to brand reputation and in the worst case, labor disputes.

Inheritance wills japan

Inheritance & Wills in Japan

Fewer things are harder to bear than the passing of loved ones. when you come from a dual-culture, or when you are a foreigner living in Japan, your troubles are exponential. Especially when you realize that heirlooms and other possessions (that were destined for you) have somehow been usurped.

How to not end up like Carlos Ghosn

How to Not End Up Like Carlos Ghosn

Nissan is witnessing a fallout following the aftermath of the Ghosn scandal and is still scrambling to recover. Annual operating sales are at a decade-long low and consumers continue to lose confidence in the automaker as further issues unravel.

The Boogeyman of Government Affairs

The Boogeyman of Government Affairs

Government Affairs Best Practices in Japan The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a U.S. bill passed in 1977, designed to prevent the bribery of foreign government officials. Bribery, in this sense, is “purchasing the influence or favor of foreign government officials for business-purposes.” The reach is broad: any U.S. corporation or individual operating in any foreign country. Violators …

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End of War

End of War

Maybe because I grew-up on this tortured tropical island, the reminder today of the 70th anniversary of the fall of Okinawa to US forces jumped-out at me like a punch. This 90-day battle was epic even among truly epic battles elsewhere in the three WWII theatres (Pacific, Europe, Africa).  Ninety-days!  What this could have possibly …

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