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Why Hiring the Right Country Manager is Essential — Especially in Japan

Different countries do it differently: the British have a rather long-term view of sending an executive from the home office to Japan. They usually stick with their own countrymen, to establish a presence and eventually be rotated in and out. The Americans and Australians are more egalitarian, and are open to hiring locally. Eventually, there is a push to transition to the local market to save on costs. This often results in a breakdown in communication, but even more so if the executive is not the right fit for the team (“team” here meaning the entire executive team: HQ & Japan).

Inheritance & Wills in Japan

But when you come from a dual-culture, or when you are a foreigner living in Japan, your troubles are exponential. Especially when you realize that heirlooms and other possessions (that were destined for you) have somehow been usurped. It only adds insult to injury and irreparably destroys family ties that, in effect, were already broken when you learned about the nefarious actions of your relatives.

How to not end up like Carlos Ghosn

How to Not End Up Like Carlos Ghosn

Nissan is witnessing a fallout following the aftermath of the Ghosn scandal and is still scrambling to recover. Annual operating sales are at a decade-long low and consumers continue to lose confidence in the automaker as further issues unravel. Ghosn’s successor, Hiroto Saikawa has yet to announce a plan on how to turn things around and seems to be in over his head. The partnership with Renault will continue on, but only because of the nature of their symbiotic relationship. Trust between the two entities is at an all-time low, while tensions are at an all-time high.

The Boogeyman of Government Affairs

The Boogeyman of Government Affairs

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a U.S. bill passed in 1977, designed to prevent the bribery of foreign government officials. Bribery, in this sense, is “purchasing the influence or favor of foreign government officials for business-purposes.” The reach is broad: any U.S. corporation or individual operating in any foreign country. Violators of the FCPA can suffer an …

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End of War

End of War

Maybe because I grew-up on this tortured tropical island, the reminder today of the 70th anniversary of the fall of Okinawa to US forces jumped-out at me like a punch. This 90-day battle was epic even among truly epic battles elsewhere in the three WWII theatres (Pacific, Europe, Africa).  Ninety-days!  What this could have possibly …

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The Ministries: Preaching the Red Tape Sacraments

While there is no law or mention within the National Government Organization Act that defines it, there is an understanding of “importance” within and among the various Ministries that make up the Japanese government. It is rumored that within the 12 Ministries and Single Cabinet, there are a certain number of organizations that stand out in budget, authority, and tradition. These special few are called “The Big 5.”