Timothy Langley Featured in the Japan Times

Timothy Langley Featured in the Japan Times

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Langley Esquire Founder and CEO Timothy Langley was cited in the Japan Times on some of the factors that have influenced the Japanese government’s approach to handling COVID-19. In it, he argues that Japanese companies emphasize a system of rules, and if those rules can’t be applied to a situation, the response is often to change the rules and then deal with the situation. This contributes to the response in Japan being “almost always laggardly, incomplete and meek” and “public communication sparse”. He also adds that from the perspective of politicians and bureaucrats, dealing with anything related to non-Japanese is “more work, much more delicate, generates much more potential negative backlash and, even in the best cases, is not a career-enhancing move.”

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The downside of decision-making practices in Japan, May 3 2021, written by Rochelle Kopp. 

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