Timothy Langley Featured on NIKKEI ASIA

Timothy Langley Featured on NIKKEI ASIA

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Langley Esquire Founder and CEO Timothy Langley was quoted in Nikkei Asia in a story about the different aspects of PM Kishida’s New Capitalism. The article highlights the discrepancy between Kishida’s commitment to economic growth and his lack of action in creating new economic policies. Kishida is pushing this agenda by promising a “virtuous cycle of growth and redistribution” in a bid to keep his ruling LDP in power in the coming upper house election on July 10. Langley told Nikkei Asia that Kishida has a record of “keep[ing] things kind of quiet and moving along.” He also noted that while New Capitalism claims to focus on inequality in wealth distribution, its main issue is that “the measures seem to have less substance and little punch.”

The article is available (only in Japanese) on the Nikkei Asia website here


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