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Policy Radar October 2019

This month’s edition focuses on the lineup of the new Cabinet, policy developments in the data and energy industries, and Japan’s effort to combat climate change.

Japan-EU Relations

EU-Japan Relations | Mission Japan​

The EU Ambassador H.E. Patricia Flor, sheds light on the recently signed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the lesser-known Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA), data protection, and how Brexit will likely affect EU-Japan relations.

Lobbying in Japan

Lobbying in Japan

David and Timothy dive into the inner workings of lobbying in Japan. Learn how foreign firms can achieve results through advocacy.

LDP Constitutional Revision

Constitutional Revision in japan

Constitutional Revision in Japan The LDP has fought to rewrite the constitution since 1955. It has continuously failed to do so. Now, Prime Minister Abe aims to move a step closer by tweaking his 2008 referendum laws. Join Michael and Timothy as they analyze Abe’s recent attempts to rewrite Japan’s Constitution.