Do or Die: Will Kishida Call an Election

Welcome to “Do or Die: Will Kishida Call an Election” webinar. It is the latest of Langley Esquire‘s webinar series where Timothy Langley and Dan Harada analyze current political events and look into possible developments in the near future.

Below is a brief list of the talking points of Timothy and Dan.

  • PM Kishida is in the United States on a State Visit, speaking with the President and the Joint Chamber of Congress.
  • He faces geopolitical and domestic predicaments in Japan.
  • Recently, he punished members of his own party, the LDP, and is now dealing with upcoming by-elections.
  • There’s speculation he might call for a snap election due to potential losses in the by-elections.
  • The LDP is struggling in several districts, including Shimane, where many expect a significant fight.
  • Will Kishida’s position within the LDP weaken further if Shimane is lost?
  • There’s a possibility of dissolving the house for a snap election, but it’s a risky move.
  • Kishida’s popularity is low; however, his recent trip to the US may provide a temporary boost.
  • The few days after Kishida’s return will be critical in assessing some available options.
  • What are some potential scenarios?
  • Kishida may need to dissolve the house to avoid a defeat in Shimane, but will he take that step?
  • Monitoring public opinion polls after his return will be crucial in decision-making.

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