Langley Esquire’s President and CEO, Timothy Langley, was recently featured in the prestigious Japanese business magazine President (Issue 2019.2.18).

Among one of the country’s most prominent business magnates, he is asked about leadership: how it is generated and exercised, and the effects on organizational structure in business and politics. Langley highlights leadership issues more frequently found in foreign corporations, and the variety of problems generated from Japan’s hierarchical system based heavily on seniority. “The Cyber-Security Minister having no experience using a computer, or even a USB, is a classic example of the seniority system gone wrong,” says Langley.

With ample expertise running a business in Japan, Langley focuses on problems inevitably caused by the clash of business customs. He also elaborates upon his unique experiences which allowed him to bridge the gap between both cultures to find common ground.

This magazine is available in print across all major retailers, bookstores and convenience stores and online on the following link: https://president.jp/articles/-/27931

弊社代表のティモシー・ラングリーの日本のビジネスの慣習についてのインタビューが、『PRESIDENT』(2019年2.18号)に掲載されました。日本で長年ビジネスをしているアメリカ人として、日本ならではのユニークな人材配置がもたらす企業や政治への影響や、異なるビジネスの慣習からうまれる問題について語ります。本誌はお近くのコンビニや書店などでお買い求めいただけます。また、こちらのリンクからお読みいただけます: https://president.jp/articles/-/27931

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