Langley Esquire and Public-Private Collaboration Research Institute to partner in driving regional development

Building on our respective strengths, we aim to create public-private partnerships across Japan through public affairs.

Langley Esquire, a public affairs consulting firm which resolves social and regulatory issues for international companies, organizations, and embassies in Japan, and Public-Private Collaboration Research Institute, an organization dedicated to urban development through collaboration with the private sector, signed a business partnership agreement on May 18, 2020.

We will share best-practices for communication with central and local governments, and facilitate public-private partnerships to benefit international companies and organizations, as well as local economies throughout Japan.

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This collaboration enables us to leverage our respective strengths: Langley Esquire’s extensive networks with the central government and overseas entities, and Public-Private Collaboration Research Institute’s connections with local governments in Japan. Together, we aim to foster dialogue and enhance policy-making impact to attract foreign investment and revitalize regional economies. By linking local and foreign cultures, we aim to resolve social issues through public affairs.


Langley Esquire is a public affairs firm established by President & Representative Director Timothy Langley in 2013. It is a pioneer in public affairs in Japan, and it resolves multifaceted issues for businesses, organizations and foreign embassies that face challenges involving international relations and trade. All staff are bilingual, allowing the firm to act as a bridge between Japanese actors and their overseas counterparts. Timothy was the first non-Japanese to work in the Japanese Diet, serving as a political secretary to former Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama. After receiving a Master of Law degree at Tohoku University, he again attended law school at and graduated from Georgetown University. He has worked for Murata Seisakusho, Apple Japan, and General Motors Japan as General Counsel & Director of Public Policy. He also served as Chief-of-Staff during U.S. President George H.W. Bush’s visit to Japan in 1995.

Public-Private Collaboration Research Institute has worked with local governments nationwide on community development projects. The company has ongoing collaboration agreements with 8 local governments. Company Representative Hidetoshi Washimi has more than a decade of experience in planning and implementing public-private partnerships, and has handled about 100 such cases. He serves as a special advisor to the city of Shijonawate in Osaka Prefecture, and he is a policy adviser to the city of Nobeoka in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Company information

About Langley Esquire K.K.

Company Name: Langley Esquire K.K.
Address: #604 6-20 Rokubancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Established: January 23, 2013
Representative: Timothy Patrick Langley
Business Activities: Public Affairs & Management Consulting
URL: https://langleyesquire.com

About Public-Private Collaboration Research Institute

Company Name: Public-Private Collaboration Research Institute
Address: Kamimura Bldn. 2F, 1-3-12, Shijonawate, Okayama, Osaka, Japan
Established: November 2018
Representative: Hidetoshi Washimi
Business Activities: Promotion and support of public-private projects in Japan
URL: https://p4rl.com/