Kishida’s Great Gamble

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Welcome to the webinar discussing in detail the recent kickback scandal and PM Kishida’s political moves. The webinar provides insights into the current state of Japanese politics, its implications, and the path forward.

The recent kickback scandal has cast a shadow over the LDP and dominated headlines in Tokyo for months. The diet convened a week ago, with the Emperor inaugurating the session. Subsequently, hearings primarily focused on the Prime Minister’s plans to address the scandal.

Timothy Langley and Dan Harada discuss:

  • The Kickback Scandal: origin and investigation status
  • Kishida’s Bold Moves: the gamble of dissolving the political factions and the dynamics within the LDP
  • Outcome and fallout of Kishida’s gamble: faction dissolution and its aftermath
  • Current Landscape and Future Prospects
  • Possible future actions
  • Conclusion

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