Tokyo On Fire

Japan-EU Relations

EU-Japan Relations | Mission Japan​

The EU Ambassador H.E. Patricia Flor, sheds light on the recently signed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the lesser-known Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA), data protection, and how Brexit will likely affect EU-Japan relations.

Casino Brand 2020

Integrated Resorts in japan

Casino legislation has just passed in the most recent Diet session. Now the bureaucrats must finalize the contents of the basic Integrated Resorts (IRs) regulations.

Double Election in Osaka

Double Election in Osaka

Election alert: double election in Osaka. As Japan gets ready for the unified local elections, Osaka sees prefecture Governor Matsui and Mayor Yoshimura vying to swap their positions. While the Osaka Ishin no Kai attempts to pursue its dream of turning Osaka into a ‘metropolis’, these local elections have a lot into play. Join Timothy …

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3/11 in Review

3/11 in Rearview

After 8 years, the Fukushima disaster still casts its shadow on Japanese politics. Opinion polls show general opposition to any suggestion of expanding nuclear energy. Did the Fukushima disaster radically shift energy policy for the best? Join Timothy Langley and Michael Cucek as they discuss Japan’s energy policy since the 3/11 disaster. ————————————————————————————————————- Full Transcript …

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Japan-Russia Agreement

Japan-Russia Peace Agreement

On the sidelines of the ASEAN-Russia Summit in Singapore last November, Prime Minister Abe and President Putin both compromised to an acceleration in the negotiations of a peace treaty between both countries. We are now in March and close to the G20 Summit in Osaka, but has much been accomplished? Join us in this episode …

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Japan Middle East Relations

Japan-Middle East Relations

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a Jewish global human rights organization based in Los Angeles, California (U.S.). Rabbi Abraham Cooper shares with us his insights on Japan’s diplomatic relations in the Middle-East and what needs to be done to protect and promote human rights in the Asia-Pacific region. Join us in this episode as Timothy …

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Mission Japan

Mission Japan: Russia

In this episode of Mission Japan, we are honored to welcome H.E. Mikhail Galuzin, Russian Ambassador to Japan. We explore the origins of Russo-Japanese relations, the Russian community in Japan and the economic components of a thrilling trading relation. The Ambassador also gives us his insights on the possibility of a future peace treaty agreement and the so-called “Kuril islands issue”, still unresolved with their Japanese counterparts.

Japan-Israel Relations

Japan Israel Relations | Mission Japan

Startup culture is buzzing, and business between Israel and Japan is flourishing through initiatives such as the Japan-Israel Innovation Network (JIIN).

The U.S. Midterm's Impact On Japan

The U.S. Midterm’s Impact on Japan

The 2018 US midterm elections resulted in Democrats securing a majority in the House of Representatives, while Republicans maintained a majority in the Senate. A divided government could effectively strengthen the institutional constraints on President Trump, and his ability to pass legislation. Will this domestic conflict prevent him from focusing on foreign policy and trade, or …

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Carlos Ghosn Re-Arrested

Carlos Ghosn Re-Arrested

The Carlos Ghosn scandal continues, with the former Nissan chairman being rearrested over charges of understated income. The international community keenly watches as Japan’s judicial system comes under scrutiny. With further developments raising suspicion over CEO Hiroto Saikawa, who was allegedly going to be removed by Ghosn before the arrest, it begs the question – …

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Immigration Bill Update?

Immigration Bill Update?

It seems as though Abe’s Team has an allergy to the ‘I’ word: why can’t immigration be called immigration? Days away from the final vote, the bill’s components are still unclear, and the LDP seems to be struggling with its constituents and the opposition parties— why all the fuss? Join Timothy Langley and Michael Cucek …

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Superstar CEO Carlos Ghosn Arrested

Superstar CEO Carlos Ghosn Arrested

The Carlos Ghosn arrest: all according to the script? Are foreign CEOs treated differently from Japanese CEOs? Were corporate management procedures followed correctly when dealing with Carlos Ghosn? Join Timothy Langley and Michael Cucek as they discuss yet another Japanese corporate giant crisis.