Gambling In Japan

Gambling in Japan

In this week’s episode of Tokyo on Fire, we have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Michael Penn, who is the president of Shingetsu News and the Japan Correspondent for Asia Gaming Brief. The Japanese government is currently holding public hearings on whether or not to change the legislation governing gambling. It’s no secret that the …

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End Of LDP-Komeito Alliance?

End of LDP-Komeito Alliance?

The LDP-Komeito alliance, one which has been strong for the past 16 years, might be coming to an end in the next election. Join us in this (very) inside baseball edition of Tokyo on Fire.

How To Get Things Approved In Japan

How to get things approved in Japan

Talking to and within the Japanese Government is a much different process than foreign corporate entities understand. In this video we talk about the ins and outs of “lobbying” in Japan and how it’s different that what many American companies might know from the process in the United States.

Super Mario & Shinzo Abe

Super Mario & Shinzo Abe

The 2016 Rio Olympics have come to an end and one of the highlights was Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appearing as Super Mario. How successful was this cosplaying? Host Timothy Langley and Dr. James Brown take on the subject.

My Number System

The “My Number” System

With the enactment of the ‘My Number’ System, the Japanese government is more active than ever in not only trying to secure its dwindling tax base, but to put a wrap around all transactions and all citizens. Timothy Langley and Langley Esquire Advisor Michael Cucek discuss the background of this people-tracking tactic. Scared yet?