COVID-19 Japan Report

As the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring unprecedented impact around the world, public and private sectors rush to adapt to a rapidly-changing global environment.

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Suga Cabinet

Suga Cabinet Profiles 2020

The new cabinet was formed by Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide on September 16, 2020. With a lot of familiar faces at familiar posts, the Suga cabinet contains few surprises. It is a clear indication of Suga’s commitment to maintain Abe-era policies and priorities.

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Policymaking in Japan

Behind The Curtain Of Policymaking In Japan

Langley Esquire Vice President Yutaka Matsuzaki reflects on more than 20 years’ experience as a policy secretary in the Diet, with lawmakers that include former Minister of Justice Yasuoka Okiharu and former Representative Koike Yuriko, currently the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor.

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Timeline COVID-19 Japan Public Policy

Policy Update April 2020

COVID-19 in Japan: Here’s what you need to know so far. This month’s edition of Policy Radar focuses on Data, Finance, Cryptocurrency, and Agriculture.

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Reduce Headcount in Corporate Japan

Reducing Headcount in Corporate Japan

Langley Esquire President & CEO Timothy Langley was featured in the July 2019 issue of the ACCJ Journal on a publication focused on reducing headcount in Corporate Japan. Foreign companies frequently run afoul of best-practices in Japan, resulting in damage to brand reputation and in the worst case, labor disputes.

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Business Ethics in Japan Thumbnail

Business Ethics in Japan

Langley Esquire President & CEO Timothy Langley was quoted in the January 2020 issue of the ACCJ Journal for a piece on business ethics. Timothy emphasizes the need for creating frameworks that serve society as a whole, by achieving healthy cooperation between government, business, and the rest of society.

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Japan-EU Relations

EU-Japan Relations | Mission Japan​

The EU Ambassador H.E. Patricia Flor, sheds light on the recently signed Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the lesser-known Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA), data protection, and how Brexit will likely affect EU-Japan relations.

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Inheritance wills japan

Inheritance & Wills in Japan

Fewer things are harder to bear than the passing of loved ones. when you come from a dual-culture, or when you are a foreigner living in Japan, your troubles are exponential. Especially when you realize that heirlooms and other possessions (that were destined for you) have somehow been usurped.

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How to not end up like Carlos Ghosn

How to Not End Up Like Carlos Ghosn

Nissan is witnessing a fallout following the aftermath of the Ghosn scandal and is still scrambling to recover. Annual operating sales are at a decade-long low and consumers continue to lose confidence in the automaker as further issues unravel.

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Labor Law Update 4.1

Labor Law Reform

As of April 1st, Japanese labor laws have changed.In 2018, Japan passed “The Work Style Reform Bill”. In 2018, Japan passed “The Work Style Reform Bill”. This Bill (now Law) amends eight laws (including the Labor Standards Act (LSA)) and the Industrial Safety and Health Act (ISHA).

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Casino Brand 2020

Integrated Resorts in japan

Casino legislation has just passed in the most recent Diet session. Now the bureaucrats must finalize the contents of the basic Integrated Resorts (IRs) regulations.

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