Wrongful Termination

A “voluntary” resignation is usually anything but. This issue tends to surface when the company has already decided to terminate the employee. We have considerable experience in all aspects of these matters, whether it’s helping determine the best severance package, guiding you through intimidation tactics you may be facing, or advising you on your rights and the parameters of what you (or your employer) can and cannot legally do. We provide actionable recommendations, offer moral support and help you achieve the best outcome possible. Contact us at the first sign of trouble.


Divorce in any country can be devastating, also an opportunity for new beginnings. In Japan, however, the majority of divorces take the form of “Divorce by Agreement.” We have the bilingual advantage to ensure your required documentation is in order, help you maneuver through this process, put disagreements to rest, and move forward with a brighter future in mind.


A prenuptial agreement is similar to life insurance in that you hope you will never need it. Although prenups are uncommon in Japan, it is still the smart way to protect yourself and your assets against the breakdown of a marriage. Langley Esquire is one of the very few firms in Tokyo who can help you through this process with a prenuptial agreement tailored specifically to your individual situation.


As an Executor or designated benefactor in a Will, it quickly becomes burdensome working with banks and agencies to retrieve assets in multiple locations. We have the expertise to help facilitate liquidation of assets and ensure they are distributed in accordance with the terms of the Will.

Last Will & Testament

Few things are harder to bear than the passing of loved ones. Complications with your legacy caused by the absence of a will can make this difficult time even worse, so creating a will is the loving and responsible way to protect both your family’s interests and your assets. We advise and guide you through this process, ensuring your will is recognized under Japanese law, in your home jurisdiction, and also where your assets are located.

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