Stakeholder & Issue Mapping

Implementing an effective government relations strategy begins with identifying both the key players and the decision-makers involved in any given issue. Our intimate understanding of the political landscape is vital to making efficient use of limited time and resources.

Coalition Building

Effective advocacy cannot be accomplished alone. Achieving a broad social impact through government affairs requires joining forces with the right individuals, organizations and affiliations. We will help you to assemble and facilitate focused groups that exponentially expand your network, resources and ability to influence change.

Media & Policy Monitoring

Timely awareness of political developments that could impact your industry is essential—legislation likely to pass the Diet demands attention and action before it’s too late. We keep you informed and abreast of developments in public policy reform as they happen.

Strategic Communications

Obtaining appointments with government officials is not enough. Effectively conveying your message to political stakeholders is a delicate process that, at a minimum, calls for an adroit approach, careful sequencing and constant fine-tuning. We provide the necessary introductions and ongoing support to assist you in developing these key relationships.