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Policy Radar January 2019

This year, the 201st Diet Session will convene on January 20th, and is scheduled to finish on June 17th. This month’s edition of Policy Radar focuses on incentives for the development of technology, policy developments in the Finance Ministry, and regulatory changes for integrated resorts.

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Policy Radar December 2019

This year’s Diet session has seen the ratification of the new U.S. trade agreement, amendments to the National Strategic Zone Law, sustainable whaling, and labor laws.

Crisis Management - Brand 2020


『Brand 2020』へようこそ!今回は、グローバル企業の危機管理についてお伝えします。外資系企業が日本で成功するには、どのような人事力が必要なのでしょうか?日系企業とは異なる危機とは?

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Policy Radar November 2019

This month’s edition of Policy Radar focuses on the lineup of the new Cabinet, policy developments in the Data, Tobacco, Cryptocurrency industries, and the establishment of Japan’s first Integrated Resorts.

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Policy Radar October 2019

This month’s edition focuses on the lineup of the new Cabinet, policy developments in the data and energy industries, and Japan’s effort to combat climate change.

Yokohama Radio Show Appearance

FM COCOLO’s popular show « SUNSTAR WEEKEND JOURNEY » recently featured our president, Timothy Langley. Timothy had the opportunity to discuss his life in Japan, as well as his experience as the first foreigner working as a Diet Secretary in the Japanese Diet and his role in the public affairs consulting industry.

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Policy Radar September 2019

This month’s edition focuses on Japan’s participation in the G7 and trade relations with key partners, as well as policy developments in the Integrated Resorts, Technology and Labor industries.

LANGLEY ESQUIRE と総合PR会社ベクトルが業務提携を締結

株式会社LANGLEY ESQUIRE(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役社長:ラングリー・ティモシー)と、総合PR会社の株式会社ベクトル(本社:東京都港区、代表取締役:西江肇司、東証1部:6058)は、社会課題を解決するパブリックアフェアーズ分野において、業務提携契約を締結しました。

Policy Radar July 2019

Langley Esquire’s initiative to deliver up-to-date information on political developments in the Japanese Diet: the Diet’s session ended on the 26th of June and the Government has been focusing on the triennial House of Councillors Election. Thus, the Government has done little in terms of agenda-setting or policy-making, so this month’s edition will focus on an analysis of the election, and a brief summary of policy developments in the Tobacco, Data and Trade industries.